Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life here and now.

     So I was just thinking today how friggen awesome life is.  Not because it's New Years but because I'm just recovering from a cold.  I'm regaining my energy to run around w/the little knuckleheads that run my life ragged and I'm loving every second of the crazy that has been going on today.  The hysterical laughter. The almost accidents.  The dog barking and growling at me cause she things I'm playing too rough with her charges.  AHHHH... This is my life.  My happy little life.

     I don't always feel this happy.  Sometimes the insanity drives me nuts.  The constant bickering between the three boys makes me want to drive a screwdriver through my eye.  I get mad.  I yell.  I do things I'm not proud of.  When it all comes down to it though, I'm content. I love what my life is right now.  Yes it could be better but what couldn't be?  If everything was perfect all the time, you wouldn't have anything to work towards and how boring would that be?

     I have this boyfriend who smiles and tells me I'm a dork when I get crazy and goofy and dance like an idiot but behind the 'dork' comment is a deep down fondness.  I say fondness cause let's not get crazy here.  This man does not show feelings well.  He sucks at telling me he loves me; but let's be honest, words are hollow.  People say stuff they don't mean all the time.  This man.  He shows me.  He lets his actions do his talking. He even buys me Christmas gifts that are perfect and he doesn't even have to ask me what I want.  He just knows.  How infinitely more meaningful is that?  I'm not pointing out the gift part.  I'm pointing out that he knows what I want w/out me having to say a word.

This life that i'm leading may or may not last.  Life changes all the time and you adjust but the here and now is what is important and right now is amazing.


  1. Glad you're so happy, Sadie :) I love u and I think I miss u more by the day! So visit me soon sometime when u are dropping off/picking up Wy!